We can handle all aspects of your Queensland relocation from the booking of your short term accommodation, removals, home and school finding to documentation change and settling in support.

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Boutique Queensland Relocation Company

Queensland owned and operated

PINPOINT RELOCATIONS is a boutique relocation company in Queensland which has the knowledge and resources to manage all aspects of your relocation.

PINPOINT RELOCATIONS are Brisbane based with a global partnership network. The PINPOINT team, service Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast and most regional towns in Queensland. We have the experience and passion to ensure a seamless transition for all our relocates.

PINPOINT RELOCATIONS is Queensland owned and operated providing a professional relocation service that is personalized for the individual company and client.

We specialise in the following Queensland regional towns with consultants based in each location:

PINPOINT RELOCATIONS is pleased to offer comprehensive remote relocation support across a variety of locations. If you require assistance outside our immediate service areas, please do not hesitate to contact us for a detailed discussion on how we can meet your needs.

Our team at PINPOINT RELOCATIONS are all experienced in helping you through the relocation process and everything we do can be tailored to individual requirements.


Our mission is to excel in delivering a boutique relocation service which is tailored to each clients needs

About Us

established by Edel Melia

PINPOINT RELOCATIONS was established by Edel Melia to address a need for a service which genuinely understands clients needs and to pinpoint what will work for them in Australia. With over 20 years of experience in relocating and working in the relocation industry Edel passionately believes that each relocation is unique and that all of our clients and their families have individual needs and expectations.

For Edel having lived and worked in a number of countries in Europe, Central Europe, The Mediterranean, The Middle East, The USA and now Australia this is what gives her that global relocation understanding. The PINPOINT RELOCATIONS team are diverse in nationality and language which assists in helping your people and our clients understand that Australia is truly a multicultural destination.

About Us

established by Edel Melia

Working Together


Allow us to take the stress of relocating away, reduce the costs whilst ensuring your employee is happy and settled in their new home.